Disadvantage Business Enterprise

Disadvantage Business Enterprise Programs

The City of Pleasant Hill has a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program to promote the use of DBE contractors, such as, minority and women owned firms and to comply with regulations on federally funded contracts. The City sets Annual Anticipated DBE Participation Level (AADPL) contract goals for the use of DBEs on federally funded projects. DBE participation goals from one construction project to another may vary based on available DBE for the specialty work being done. The City has submitted FY 2014/15 AADPL to Caltrans for program approval. Please check back here to download the approved FY 2014/15 AADPL (click here when available) for additional information on current City goals.

Yearly the City of Pleasant Hill accepts comments on our draft DBE goals for the upcoming Fiscal Year (due annually in August). Please refer to Public Notices or City's DBE contact information below for addition information.

The City provides the following services for contractors:
  • Advertisement of Bid Opportunities on the City Web site
  • Posting of Plan Holder lists on the City Web site
  • Technical assistance with engineering and construction contracts
  • Assistance to Spanish speakers upon request
  • Pre-bidding meetings for contractors
  • Compilation of a DBE bidders list, upon request, for use with future projects, which helps facilitate the communication between prime and subcontractors in the promotion of DBE bid participation.

For more information or to request assistance from the City of Pleasant Hill DBE program, please contact Shawn Knapp at (925) 671-5251.

Additional DBE information can also be found on the Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Civil Rights Program webpage or by contacting the Civil Rights Program directly at (916) 324-1700.